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Align our experts with your technical and customer support needs.

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Ambisafe has supported clients and their customers
in utilizing complex blockchain infrastructure since 2010.

Buy our support packages now and secure the time of our top engineers and support agents. Ensure the quick resolution of any product, blockchain and service issues and support your customers in utilizing your products.

Product Issues

  • - Minor visual edits to the landing page
  • - Small customizations
  • - Development of additional business logic*
  • - Moderate changes to the initial application concept**
  • - Migration issues
  • - Account recovery
  • - Account verification
  • - Sign in/up issues

Blockchain issues

  • - Transaction delays
  • - Gas price issues
  • - Smart contract operation review

Service Issues

  • - Technical server issues
  • - SSL certificate issues
  • - Infrastructure support
  • - Cloud-hosting
  • - DNS
  • - DevOps related work
  • - Tool stack issues

Customer Issues

  • - Customer questions / education
  • - Customer technical problems

Weekly Reports

  • - Bug reports by customers
  • - UI/UX improvements based on customer feedback

* that requires up to 3 days of development resources

** including significant development resource involvement up to two weeks

Compare Support Features

PackagesEntryBasicMediumEnterpriseCustomTechnical Specialist Hours*10164080Contact our sales teamSupport agent hours**581520User data export requests***Accept bug reports from customersIdentify and address UI/UX improvements based on customer feedbackCommunicate with third-party services****

* QA, Software Engineers and DevOps hours

** Customer support hours

*** Shared data is encrypted and provided to a restricted set of people specified in the agreement

**** Third-party services include Amazon, Postmark, Onfido, Thomson Reuters, SecondFactor. Other services should be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Partner with us now to solve technical problems quickly
and ensure the satisfaction of your customers!
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