Ambisafeis a b2b product company which provides

Blockchain solutions

Cryptocurrency tools

Smart contracts

What We Do

We are working for the most advanced business industries like FinTech, Supply Chain, IoT. We offer secure cryptocurrency wallets, smart contracts, multi-sig accounts, token issuance, ICO platforms, blockchain registries, etc. Also, we run own Blockchain School.

Our Mission

We use Blockchain technology to decentralize the world's leading industries. Our designs bring greater transparency to FinTech, Supply Chain Management, and IoT companies.

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Ambisafe unites over 100 stunning engineers and blockchain experts.

Steve Pettibone

Chief Compliance Officer

Oleksii Matiiasevych

Smart Contracts Architect

Andrey Zamovskiy

СEO, Founder

Our Values

  • Impartiality

  • Team

  • Responsibility

  • Empathy

  • Transparency

  • The Borderless World


Andrii Zamovskiy was first inspired by Blockchain technology in 2010. He launched Ambisafe in 2015 as a full-service ICO solution. His decentralized trading platform, Orderbook, opened the following year. As Ambisafe's potential moved beyond fundraising, new services have emerged. In 2018, they launched smart contract creation and many custom development solutions. Andrii is the world's first holder of a degree in cryptocurrency.

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