Ambisafe Vault

Keep your finger on the pulse of your company! As an owner, it's your job to make sure everything running smoothly. You do that by keeping your assets under control.

What you need to succeed is a secure and convenient tool for creating tokens and managing large volumes of cryptocurrencies. In other words, you need Ambisafe Vault.

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Create your token
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  • Easy token issuance
  • Every wallet has its own address
  • Every action is smart contract-based
  • The number of owners and co-signers is arbitrary
  • Supports ERC20 tokens and ETH
  • Protected with 2-factor user authentication (2FA)
  • There’s no password or account recovery
  • Detailed transaction history
  • Technical support
Protect your funds
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Multisig wallets let you inspect actions before performing them. A group of dedicated owners then provides their approval by signing. Actions are only broadcast once all wallet owners have signed off. Multi-signature protection ensures that you always know what is going on with your assets.

Fundraising is not all that Ambisafe Vault is useful for. It also helps to monitor your funds and simplify corporate management.


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