Blockchain for Business

Turn ideas into a elegant solutions on the blockchain.

Ambisafe has been building complex infrastructure on the blockchain, quickly and affordably since 2010.

We help with the process from ideation to launch, maintenance and support. We have built blockchain solutions for many industries including FinTech, Supply Chain, and IoT. We have developed smart contracts, token ecosystems, wallets, multi-sig accounts and blockchain registries.

Our process includes:

  • Analyzing your requirements; defining the concept and the scope of the project.
  • Preparing technical documentation and design of the project.
  • Creating a white-paper, technical documentation, and full architecture overview (high-level and detailed).
  • Building a team, and defining responsibilities.
  • Working on your solution using SCRUM methodology with a weekly reports.
  • Performing User Acceptance Testing.
  • Support and maintenance.

Client cases

  • Propy | Real estate

    Propy is a global real estate marketplace with a decentralized title registry. Propy allows buyers, sellers, brokers, and escrow/title agents/notaries to come together through the utilization of smart contracts on the blockchain to facilitate transactions.

    Ambisafe role: Propy token issuance during their token sale; Smart contracts writing; building the token economy platform.

  • Responsible Gold | Supply chain, Digital gold

    First blockchain platform to track conflict-free gold from mine, to refinery, to vault, to payments. Responsible Gold ecosystem uses blockchain technology to automate and digitize every step in the gold supply chain. Digital ownership of Physical, Responsibly Sourced Gold. One G-token equals one gram of gold.

    Ambisafe role: building the Blockchain-based solution for a cross-border remittance using a token backed by real gold.

  • Atonomi | IoT, IoT security

    Atonomi provides IoT developers and manufacturers with an embedded solution to secure devices with blockchain-based immutable identity and reputation tracking. The product helps to provide the identity and trust required for our increasingly connected world.

    Ambisafe role: building the first solution for device identity secure registration based on the Blockchain.

  • BLMP | Virtual goods

    Blockchain solution for branded content. By joining the BLMP network, brands get access to closed off digital ecosystems to gain exposure, generate new income, and stay relevant. With BLMP, brands get detailed insight that was impossible to gather before. Such as tracking their intellectual property indefinitely from product creation to ownership to resale markets.

    Ambisafe role: building a Blockchain-based platform which gives an ability to purchase licensed virtual goods online.

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