Blockchain Quickstart Platform

A secure modular platform allowing to build complex infrastructure on the blockchain, quickly and affordably.

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Many companies lack properly functioning Blockchain software infrastructure.

Building such infrastructure from scratch is a long and expensive process.

Blockchain technology is complicated and relatively new, there are less experienced developers in the space and it requires more time to build solutions from the ground up.


Blockchain Quickstart Platform is an all-in-one solution allowing clients to interact with different Blockchains in a simple, user-oriented way.

We designed a platform that works with both the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain with a full set of modules to solve any client problem: the BQP could be an intermediary, a front-/back-end, or everything altogether. The platform is fully customizable and has multiple use cases for any industry.

Modules and the Infrastructure

  1. Digital wallet interface

    A customizable web app able to receive, store, and withdraw digital assets. Unlimited options for customization: rearrange any titles and elements; apply your brand’s look: insert your logo, adjust colors, fonts, and titles.

  2. Digital wallet mobile app (iOS, Android)

    A secure digital wallet for storage and management of crypto-assets based on smart contracts. Can be used as a B2C wallet, and token-driven ecosystem.

    KYC/AML identity verification — identify the ‘bad actors’ with the integrated KYC/AML provider or manually verify every new user of your software.

  3. Assigner

    Save up to 50% on smart contract deployment costs. Assigner deploys two smart contracts to the Ethereum network when the fees are low and assigns them by request to your users. The first is the address where the Ether and ERC20 tokens can be stored and the second is the logic defining how the contract works.

  4. Broadcaster

    Save Ether on mining fees and forget about pending transactions blocking your business. Broadcaster adjusts the gas price of broadcasted transactions to the current Ethereum network load on-the-fly to assure your transactions are mined without delays and for the lowest possible price.

  5. EtherSweeper

    Provide a unique Ethereum address for each issued invoice. This is where clients could send payments in Ether to your company. EtherSweeper then moves these coins to a secure wallet controlled by your company. This happens in a quick and stable manner with no manual actions required.

  6. Supernode

    Your personal gateway to the Ethereum blockchain. Supernode makes sure that your software communicates safely and reliably with the Ethereum blockchain. It adds redundancy, load balancing, and health checks to the nodes that sync with the current state of the blockchain.

  7. Keyserver

    Bitcoin blockchain access point for enterprise. Keyserver extends Bitcoin node functionality with most required functions, such as multi-sig address support, HTTP callback notifications on deposits, single-use invoice addresses, different security schemas with client- and server-side keys. Keyserver supports Bitcoin, Tether USD and other Omnilayer assets.

  8. Keystore

    Secure way to store your users’ private keys. Keystore stores encrypted containers with your users’ private keys. It is possible to get the encrypted container only knowing the unique key id. Instant multi-zone backups are made to ensure that the private keys are never lost.

  9. Notificator

    Notifications on events in the Ethereum blockchain. Notificator constantly monitors Ethereum blockchain and sends notifications to provided HTTP/HTTPS URLs based on filters set up by you. Filters include individual address activity, transactions involving a particular token, transfers of amount that fall within a certain value range, and more.

  10. Verification service

    Allows to integrate the Know Your Customer (KYC) service with multiple providers for both Entities and Individuals into your product. Additionally, it’s possible to do Accredited Investor Status Verification.

Virtual goods — BLMP

Blockchain solution for branded content.
With BLMP, brands get granular insights that were impossible before like tracking their intellectual property indefinitely from product creation to eventual ownership to resale markets.

Ambisafe role: building a Blockchain-based platform which gives an ability to purchase licensed virtual goods online.

Supply chain, Digital assets — Responsible Gold

Responsible Gold ecosystem using blockchain technology to automate and digitize every step in the gold supply chain.
Digital ownership of Physical, Responsibly Sourced Gold.

Ambisafe role: building the Blockchain-based solution for a cross-border remittance using a token backed by real gold.

Real estate — Propy

Propy is a global real estate marketplace with decentralized title registry.
Propy allows buyers, sellers, brokers, and escrow/title agents/notaries to come together through the utilization of a suite of smart contracts on blockchain to facilitate transactions.

Ambisafe role: Propy token issuance during their ICO; Smart contracts writing; building the token economy platform.

Token Platform — Polybius, Unibright

A white label solution for token sale and digital asset management with the highest level of security.
The embedded data processing system offers multiple option for the customization.

Ambisafe role: building a white labelled solution for token sale and digital asset management.

IoT, IoT security — Atonomi

Atonomi provides IoT developers and manufacturers with an embedded solution to secure devices with blockchain-based immutable identity and reputation tracking.

Ambisafe role: building the first solution for device identity secure registration based on Blockchain.

Digital Wallet — Under NDA

A secure digital wallet for storage and management of crypto-assets. Includes both a web-interface, a mobile app (iOS, Android), and an Admin panel for the solution management and customization.

Ambisafe role: Development of the web-interface, mobile app (iOS, Android), and an Admin panel; ERC20 token issuance; payment gateway integration.

Other use cases

Security features

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