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CryptoWallet Updates: New Features and Improvements

Last week we released an updated version of CryptoWallet, an integral part of our ICO launching platform. We added several new functions and improved the existing ones so that ICO runners can make sure their contributors are real people, gather more statistics on them, and interact with them more productively.

Below, you’ll find a detailed list of the features added and imperfections fixed.

What’s New in CryptoWallet?

1. KYC (Know Your Customer) feature added

KYC makes the contribution process more secure via identity verification for customers and contributors. Read more on KYC importance here: https://help.ambisafe.com/article/5-why-does-identity-verification-kyc-matter

2. Google Tag Manager instead of Google Analytics

Administrators can add Google Tag Manager – which has wider feature list – to set up and track their events for CryptoWallet.

3. ‘Zero block’

Administrators can share the important news with contributors via a block with custom texts which appears on a contributor's dashboard.

4. Administrators can set manual/automated recalculations of token rates and bonuses for wire transfers

As wire transfers were handled manually via Admin panel, the verification process could have taken a long time. Now, Administrators can choose the automated recalculations of token rates & bonuses or deal with them manually.

5. Whitelist feature added

You can let your most trusted contributors take part in pre-sales before ICO started by adding their emails to a whitelist.

6. Ability to download PDF reports

To monitor wire transfer details, Administrators can download PDF reports from Admin Panel.


1. Notifications about possible risks a user faces when sending funds to exchange

We added a checkbox to ‘Send Confirmation’ page to notify users about possible risks of losing assets while sending them from contract addresses (uPort).

2. New filter for contributed users

Administrators can apply a new filter for contributed users in ‘User’ section in Admin Panel.

3. Obligatory 2-factor user authentication for Administrators

Administrators who set up a CryptoWallet account have to pass a compulsory 2-factor user verification to guarantee the maximum account security.

4. Pop-up & Email notifications considering operational billing balances

Administrators receive notifications about low balances on operational addresses: transaction sender, exchange tokens sender (ETH, tokens), assigner billing.

5. Customizable ICO statistics data

Administrators can turn on/off every statistics segment: the number of participants, the sum of contributions, etc.

6. Contributor’s interface &user experience improvements

If you have any questions considering the new features or improvements of CryptoWallet, please, contact us via support@ambisafe.com We’ll be happy to help you gain as pleasant experience as possible.

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