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How to Issue Your Ethereum Token

This step-by-step guide explains how to issue an Ethereum asset (utility or security token) using the Ambisafe Platform. To start with, you need to open www.ambisafe.comand create an account, press Sign Inin the top right corner, and you will be able to switch to a registration form.

Ambisafe website wiith sign in button on main page

You will have to enter your full name, email, desired password, then read and agree with legal documents. You may be required to verify that you are not a robot. Finally, click on

Sign up button. A verification link will be sent to the email you’ve provided, please follow the link to verify your email address.Sign up form on Ambisafe Platform

After this you will be able to login into your account. Open www.ambisafe.comand press Sign In in the top right corner, then enter the email and password you provided during registration. You will be asked to set up a couple of recovery options for your account. Sophisticated recovery scheme is required because we use strong encryption for account secrets protection, and we cannot just reset your password on the Ambisafe Platform if it’s lost.

Registration - recovery setup

Then you will have to enter how you would like to name a new organization. Each organization has a secure vault to store tokens, and a list of signatories, who are like a board of directors for the organization. This step may be skipped if you are using an invitation link to join an existing organization.

Finally you will be able to access all functions of the Ambisafe Platform. Press

Issue a new token button to open the issuance form:Security token issuance with RAP protocol addon

Please fill in the form with the token information. Utility tokens are based on the extension of the

ERC20 standard, and they can be issued automatically. Security tokens include proprietary Regulatory Aware Protocol (RAP) extension, which allows you to enable additional options and configure KYC requirements. Your issuance request will be processed manually, and you will be contacted by an account executive to make sure everything is set up correctly before issuance.

After confirmation and payment settlement, your token will be deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. Your organization will be the token issuer and primary owner. All token information will be visible to you on token details page after you click the issued token name on Dashboard page:

Security token smart contract deployed successfully

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