The Future of Gold

What if gold was no longer a heavy bulk of noble metal? What if it suddenly became the most liquid asset on earth? With G-Coin, you can complete a cross-border transaction in seconds using gold.

The Liquid State of Gold

G-Coin is not a cryptocurrency; it is digital gold.
The payment system built around G-Coin makes you forget about the most irritating aspects of money transfers:

  • Numerous intermediaries
  • Transactions processed for several days
  • Fees higher than the sum you sent
  • High risks of fraud

G-Coin provides you with a fast, cheap, direct, and secure way of transferring money.

  • Real-time payments
  • Absence of greedy intermediaries
  • No fees
  • Transparency and security are guaranteed by the private Quorum blockchain
  • Low risks

Also, you get:

  • You own gold, and no third parties are mediating the ownership
  • Your gold is stored safely – no one would steal it from the blockchain
  • Your gold is sourced responsibly (no exploitation of miners or refiners no ecological destruction; no shady dealings)
  • Your investment in G-Coins is better than in any national currency: as the price of gold is comparatively stable, the value of G-Coins doesn’t change significantly

What is G-Coin?

G-Coin is a token. It is the digital equivalent of 1 gram of physical gold. If you had 100 tokens, you would own 100 grams of metal. This information is registered via the blockchain. This records how much gold each person owns. You still own this noble metal. It just no longer peacefully shines in your hidden safe. With G-Coins, you can actively trade and spend your gold.

What can you do with your G-Coins?
  • Keep them as investments
  • Transfer to others
  • Exchange for currency
  • Redeem for physical gold
How to get G-Coin?
  • KYC verification is required to prove your identity.
  • If you’re not trying to fool the system, you will be allowed to buy tokens.

The Role of Ambisafe

Responsible Gold created G-Coin. It is a collaborative project between Chronicled and Ambisafe. In this partnership, Ambisafe handles token issuance, white lable wallets and all set of microservices to operate with Ethereum type blockchain.