Ambisafe Marketing Services

  • Preparation

    • Marketing Roadmap

      Marketing Roadmap

      Build a powerful marketing and creative strategy. Develop a plan for your Token Sale.

    • Visual identity

      Visual identity

      Stand out among other projects with your own style. Create a unique design for your website. Generate brand savvy visual content for your social media pages.

    • Landing page

      Landing page

      Make a good first impression on the audience with a profound landing page. This includes technical development, content creation, and design.

  • Promotion

    • Marketing Campaign

      Marketing Campaign

      Build brand awareness and establish your community with the following tools:

      1. Social Media Marketing

        Build and support your community through channels like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, BitcoinTalk, and Quora.

      2. Paid Ads

        Generate high volum website traffic and leads with Google Ads, advertising networks, Facebook and Twitter ads.

      3. PR

        Show your project to the rest of the world: distribute press releases, video reviews and announcements in various media channels.

      4. ICO Listings

        Participate in the most popular and effective ICO calendars and rating websites.

      5. Bounty

        Spread the news about your project. Create a referral program to enlarge your community. Boost your social media activity.

      * For Utility Projects only, subject to due diligence review.

    token sale
  • Post Campaign

    • Sustain your community. Justify the trust shown by supporters during your Token Sale by:

      1. Social Media Marketing

        Continue supporting your community on social media. Keep your followers up-to-date with your project’s news.

      2. PR

        Support your project and community by sharing press releases in the major media. These are most often sent out when your funds are raised and the main work starts.

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