• Token Issuance

    A framework and all tools you need to create and manage a digital asset (company shares, security and utility tokens) on Ethereum blockchain.

  • Blockchain Quickstart Platform (BQP)

    A secure modular platform for building complex infrastructure on the blockchain, quickly and affordably.

  • White Labelled Decentralized Trading Platform

    Save nearly a year of development work, by white labelling our trading platform today.

  • Secondary Trading on Orderbook

    List your token on Orderbook’s decentralized trading platform and get featured on our newsletter to our 39,000 traders.

  • Smart Contract Review

    Avoid errors that could risk your project and company. Demonstrate your commitment to security and quality with our smart contract review and stamp of approval.

  • Smart Contract Development

    ERC20 compliant smart contracts developed by industry experts. Our team was first to market for many blockchain products, including the first decentralized trading platform to conduct a token sale. Looking for a token smart contract? Create your token within about 2 weeks or less for as little as $3000.

  • Tabla (former AmbiVault)

    Keep your funds secure using our multisig wallet. Assets are safe, even if one account is compromised, by requiring signatures from multiple users for token transfers.

  • White-labeled Token Sale Platform

    Our whitelaballed wallet is customized to your look and feel, integrates with a KYC/AML provider and allows you to easily collect funds using BTC, ETH and USD.

  • Orderbook Token Sale Widget for accredited investors

    A globally compliant solution for investor accreditation and token purchases. All the functionality you need including, pre-registration of accredited investors, KYC, AML, and purchases in BTC, ETH and USD wire transfer.

  • Blockchain for business

    Turn ideas into a elegant solutions on the blockchain. Our experienced blockchain developers take you through the whole process from defining requirements to custom development, testing and support.

  • Technical and Customer Support Packages

    Ensure the quick resolution of any product, blockchain and service issues and support your customers in utilizing your products.

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