Regulation Aware Protocol (RAP)

Regulation Aware Protocol is a smart contract framework for security tokens, operating on top of the public Ethereum blockchain, that enforces regulatory compliance and other rules across the growing network of trading platforms.

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Enforcing security token restrictions on blockchain

RAP-powered tokens use smart contracts to keep track of rules set by issuer: who is allowed to buy, sell, and trade each asset, and in which countries. If a user who does not match the proper compliance rules attempts to acquire a token, the relevant smart contract instantly prevents the transfer.

Blockchain-based proof of KYC

RAP does more than allowing issuers to meet diverse regulatory requirements. It also introduces improvements to the overall user experience by reusing the recorded KYC status of contributor. If this information is kept up-to-date within the smart contract database, they will be able to freely proceed with any purchase that matches their level of compliance.

Learn more

The source code of smart contracts behind Regulation Aware Protocol is available on Github.

If you would like to become an issuer of digital securities or tokenized company shares, we will be glad to provide the required technical assistance.

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