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Smart contracts use computer protocols to create self-executed and/or self-enforcing contracts on the blockchain.

Smart contracts increase the speed of contractual exchanges, while lowering costs by using an automated process that does not require a middle man. Use cases include financial instruments, logistics and supply chain management, realestate, transportation, governance, and insurance to name a few.

Our team, led by Oleksii Matiisevych, has been working with crypto currencies since the launch of the Ethereum platform in 2015. Our smart contract developers are very skilled, they have saved $1.5M from hackers and have identified issues in some of the top exchanges. We have developed smart contracts for top-tier projects including Propy, Responsible Gold and Atonomi.

Problems that we solve

  • Proper implementation and development of smart contracts for your project.
  • Cost optimization of transactions on the blockchain.
  • Identification and elimination of vulnerabilities.
  • Future-proof smart contracts, designed explicitly to be compatible with blockchain and business logic updates.
  • Compliance with relevant standards (e.g. ERC20).
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Our the most popular smart contracts

  • 1. Basic token creation

    This is an ERC20 compliant smart contract which provides all necessary features for hosting a token sale. Features include token naming, creation, and redemption. It also lets the project owner control how many tokens exist on the Blockchain. You can manage this smart contract through AmbiVault.<br><br>Tokens created on our platform are 'future proof'. This means they will support any updates approved by the creator. That includes future updates to both the network and algorithm. End users will, however, be able to decline updates that they disagree with. They may also choose to update them at a later date.

    Options available on request:

    - Lock-up period: Prevents users from trading your tokens for a specified period of time.

    - Setup custom transaction fee management rules.

    - Regulation aware protocol: Stores and recalls KYC and accreditation info for all token trades. Each transaction checks the verification status of both parties. Transactions will only go through if both sides meet your specified parameters. This ensures the maintenance of all legal limits and ownership restrictions. We do not include this modification in our base cost.

  • 2. UI-independent token sale contract

    Keep your token sale decentralized and automated with no UI needed. Bake all token sale logic directly into your smart contract, making it fully transparent; no suppliers involved. We can implement a custom token price, bonuses, discounts, sale timeline, and other features by request.

  • 3. ETH to ERC20 trading

    Automatically trade ETH to ERC20 tokens and back. This is compatible with various interfaces. The token creator pre-sets the price of token via the contract’s logic. Dynamic price updates are also available.

  • 4. Depositing system

    A set of smart contracts for centralized trading platforms. Accept deposits in ETH and tokens in a robust and convenient way. This allows for the optimization of processing expenses. ERC20 tokens and tokens of other standards are both acceptable.

  • 5. Vesting contract

    Lock distributed ERC20 tokens for a defined period of time. Often, issuers of securities use this to prevent trades for a period of time defined by the government. It is possible to apply custom settings to particular addresses, amounts, and dates.

  • 6. ETH and ERC20 Airdrop applications

    These allow you to do an unlimited number of airdrops. You may create these whenever you want. We can also manage airdrops for you.

    Our ETH Airdropper safely distributes ETH payouts across a list of recipients. The engineer that executes the distribution process does not have access to the payout sum at any time. We implement airdrops entirely using smart contracts. An engineer adds all payout data, then locks the contract.<br><br>Ownership is then passed to the payout sum holder. The holder can verify that we have locked the contract. They can also see that the final payout hash in the contract matches the hash of the input payout data. Payout sum holders can then transfer the ETH to the contract knowing that it will distribute to the correct recipients.

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"Basic token creation" contracts are available starting at $3000.

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