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Avoid errors that could risk your project and company.
Demonstrate your commitment to security and quality
with our smart contract review and stamp of approval.

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Smart contract reviews help to ensure the stability of your project.

It is important to identify problems before deploying your code. Do not underestimate how crucial this is. Once your code is on the main network, you can not modify it.

Luckily, our Solidity team excels at finding and fixing Smart Contract issues. Our team’s lead-software architect Oleksii Matiiasevych, helped to save millions of dollars from hackers in July 2017. He even personally saved and returned $1.5 million to users. There is no team better qualified to review your smart contracts.

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Smart contract reviews help to

  • Target areas of your smart contract for improvement.
  • Check for known or potential vulnerabilities in the code.
  • Outline ways to reduce the cost of transactions.
  • Ensure your code is compliant with generally accepted industry standards.

Demonstrate your commitment to security and quality

Ambisafe is a known leader in blockchain security. We are recognized for our high standard code review standards. Our stamp of approval demonstrates to your stakeholders that you take code security and quality seriously.

Conduct your code review with us today and add our stamp of approval on your site.

Design Smart contract reviewed by Ambisafe

What’s included

  • Two Ambisafe senior Solidity developers review each smart contract. This allows us to quickly double check all findings.
  • Line by line code review;
  • Identification of specific lines of code which can cause bugs and ​vulnerabilities;
  • Locating non-optimal usage of functions, libraries, and methods;
  • Pointing to non-optimal architect solutions;
  • Pointing to non-optimal architect solutions;
  • Outlining code style inconsistencies;
  • Confirming compliance with industry standards (e.g. ERC-20);
  • Аdvice for fixing bugs;
  • Homework review: After our initial review, it is up to you to fix any problems found. Once you're done, we will provide a follow up assessment (up to 5 hours).
Don't let buggy code risk your project’s potential.

Have your Smart Contract Reviewed by an expert today.

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