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Ambisafe is a Blockchain software company. We build cryptocurrency wallets, write smart contracts, and host multi-sig accounts. We create cryptographic tokens for issuers, build ICO platforms, and generate blockchain registries. On top of all that, we also run our own Blockchain School.


Advanced Blockchain Development Services


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The success of an ICO is measured in contributor satisfaction and safety. The amount of funds raised is secondary.\nOur custom wallets provide a space for customers to manage their tokens and currencies. They also let your participants complete wire transfers and contribute to your token sale via credit card.

Set up a customized cryptocurrency wallet and provide contributors with a convenient asset management tool.

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Our wallets have been reliably tested on 20+ ICOs

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No need for specific programming skills to get started

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Customize the look of your wallet to fit your brands aesthetic

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Ambisafe Vault

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Ambisafe Vault

Store and manage funds from your token sale wisely.

Every action performed is under your strict control and supervision.

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Shared control

Blockchain operations are protected by multi-sig

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Multiple currencies

Storage for Ethereum and various ERC20 tokens

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Protected with 2-factor user authentication

Secure ICO And Trading Platform

Blockchain Solutions for Business

Want to be the first to start a revolution in your industry? Let us arm you with Blockchain!

Let’s start working with...
  • Open registries
  • Insurance
  • Voting and petitions signing
  • Taxes
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  • Gambling and lotteries
  • Transparent accounting
  • Stocks
No matter the industry, we have a solution!Request your solution

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